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Lots of projects, not enough time

by Jonathan on Jul.14, 2010, under Programming

I’ve got a lot of interesting projects I’m dealing with right now, but I just don’t have enough time in the day to give each one the attention it needs. And naturally, some projects take more priority than others. Some of them are pretty cool, though, so I figured I’d list them here.

Aspect – The big one. I’ve been tinkering a lot with the MUSHclient source in my spare time instead, because it doesn’t take as much focus as building a whole new client, so at least I’m getting more experience with MUD clients. But this guy deserves a lot more attention from me.

Unnamed Rails project – This one takes priority, because I’m building it for my father and I actually get paid. It’s getting closer to completion, but I’m no designer, so getting the CSS just right takes a lot of my time. Inexperience rules the day here (but I’m not a total kludge!).

MUSHclient plugins and libraries – I’ve had plenty of ideas here, and a good amount have actually been completed. My newest project is a highlighting library which makes it much simpler to “paint” parts of lines different colors and styles without manually creating a trigger for each change, or worse, gagging and re-echoing the line with your changes. It should be simple to implement if I can just sit down and get down to business.

Misc. jobs – I do a lot of odds and ends for my father, like setting up Webalizer for a website. I’m very new to the whole Linux scene, so I (get|have) to learn something new with almost every job. (With Webalizer it was cron jobs.)

And then I do things in Real Life™ and in online communities like the MUSHclient forums. Of course, most of this is self-inflicted, and I enjoy everything I do; I’m definitely not complaining. I just come up with too many projects for my own good. :(

…As a rather funny side-note, I remember learning C++ and having no idea what I should do for my next project, and just kind of muddling around. Now I find myself with an excess of them. Life is bittersweet.

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  • James is supposed to be about Jonathan Levinson. I am very disappointed to come to this web address and see nothing about said Jonathan.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 4, Episode 17 (“Superstar”).

  • Jonathan C.

    James: “ is supposed to be about Jonathan Levinson.”

    I’d love to know why you believe it’s supposed to be about Jonathan Levinson. The site isn’t called ‘’! ;)

    My father let the Buffy producers utilize the website for that episode. I was too young to make use of the name myself at the time, and I honestly don’t remember the details. But until further notice, this site will be about me. :) I’m sure a quick Google search would dig up plenty on said Jonathan if you’re still looking.

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