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by Jonathan on May.31, 2009, under Uncategorized

I’m vacationing in Florida right now, so excuse the delay. The forecast for this area is thunderstorm after thunderstorm, and so far the weather seems to be following that trend. I’m also sunburned… it happened during one of the few sunny spots earlier today. Great, isnt it?

I’ve got a new map up on my maps section, this one on the village of Eleusis. I’m finally extending my cartography into mainland Sapience, beginning with the areas most familiar to me. I’ll be moving outward from Eleusis, beginning with maps of the three sections of the Ithmia forest, and proceeding to the Prelatorian Highway and Tasur’ke. I also have an unlisted map of the triton kingdom of Lothos up, but I’m still experimenting with the color scheme. Underwater rooms are color-coded a dark blue, and entirely underwater areas like Lothos look terrible: like yellow on white but with dark colors. Feel free to view it, but excuse the dust while I work on it.

My good friend Dylan has started his own blog at, so if you’re feeling charitable, give him a few of your page views. We’re both pretty techy, but he’s more varied interests, as you can see by reading his first post. I’m sticking a link to his blog in on the sidebar, also… and I’ll probably end up finding out where he got his Twitter widget so I can steal one for myself.


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Blogging & Current Projects

by Jonathan on May.05, 2009, under Uncategorized

I know I don’t really post much… I feel like, if I’m going to make a post, it may as well be about something worth reading. And maybe I just can’t see it, but I never feel like much goes on in my life that everyone would be interested in reading about. That’s not to say my life is boring! I just doubt anyone needs to see a blog all about it.

I do use my website, though, even if you can’t see anything straight from the front page. It’s all hidden away, in little directories nobody knows about. My secret stash, you could say. ;) And at some point, probably soon, I want to at least add links here, that go to those areas. I guess I could explain a couple of them, though. Maybe that’ll be something worth reading? - I’ll go into more on the game Achaea later, but for now, just know that this is where I make my maps available. “Maps?” you ask? I create text representations of areas in Achaea, layout maps that show you how an area is physically laid out. Achaea is a MUD – a kind of multiplayer text adventure – and its areas are laid out in rooms, each room having various exits to other rooms. All my maps do is help you find your way around in the areas.

One of my fellow mapmakers of Achaea, Asara Eslofe (that’s her character’s name, not her real one), also makes maps, and they’re very high quality too. They’ve also been around a lot longer, so more players use hers, and she has a lot more areas mapped then I do. There’s several reasons why I prefer mine… but I’ll let you decide. - Another recent project, except there’s really nothing to see here yet. I’m working with a friend on building something called Atom, which we will be using to create our own highly extensible MUD (again, a text adventure), but could conceivably be used for many other things. Stay tuned…

Wait, am I actually implying I’ll make another post? Hmm!

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