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The Blizzcon Tickets Catastrophe

by Jonathan on Aug.13, 2008, under Uncategorized

I can’t explain the entire event very easily, it’s best to have actually been involved yourself. But here’s to trying…

On August 11th – my 16th birthday, yay me… – Blizzard began to sell their Blizzcon tickets. Things happen, and around noon they say they’ve fixed the problems we’d been having for a while. And that no tickets had been sold yet. Problems continue, and they close the site at 9pm the same day, promising to bring it up sometime in the morning the next day. Reportedly, some sales had been completed during this time, but “few” tickets had been sold overall.

August 12th. The tickets store isn’t brought up again until noon due to various issues, and the moment it returns, the world floods in and tries to buy tickets. In less than fifteen minutes, the Buy Tickets box is replaced with “Sold Out”. People try for ages, being told that tickets were being sold in waves. Three hours later, a Blizzard employee posts, stating that the tickets had nearly all bought the moment they were put on sale. (First gripe, I have more to come: This communication is terrible. Three hours to be told they really were gone? I might add that the “selling in waves” information had been spread by Blizzard’s customer service people at the phones.) They state that the remainder will be sold at 8pm that night.

Come 8:55, their store goes down again. Well, I can’t say it was unexpected. Ten minutes later, it’s back “up”. Guess what? When you enter your credit card information and hit submit, it returns you to the credit card information box. The problem is the three-digit confirmation number on the back of the card. It doesn’t seem to acknowledge the existance of the three digits you entered into the field. Great. So now pretty much everyone who wanted tickets couldn’t buy them. Come five/ten minutes later, they’re sold out again, for real this time. And they’re prompt with letting us know, for once.

Now, about five hours later, their “BlizzCon 2008 Tickets Sold Out” forum topic has almost 1000 posts. In fact, at the time of this writing, it had just broached 900. (Also at the time of this writing, the 46th page seems to be glitched. No surprise.)

Let me repost here two quotes I think describe the situation in a nutshell very well. The first is one I wrote:

It was not this bad last year. Tickets took three days to sell out – and this is with less tickets than this year! – and buying them went as smoothly as you could ask for. Something went seriously wrong here. I don’t believe 12k tickets were sold in such a short amount of time, with limited amounts of buyers being able to complete an order, along with all of the downtime.

Not to mention, the first day this time, supposedly very few orders were processed earlier. That gives us an even smaller window of time for more tickets to be sold on a bugged, glitched, and biased webstore.

I think someone has some explaining to do.

The second, humorous but very accurate, is this post someone made. I’m sorry I didn’t write their name down.

How many Blizzard employees does it take to change a light bulb?

There are no light bulbs. There may have been light bulbs at one point, but all the light bulbs spontaneously disappeared 7 minutes after you walked into the store. There will be no light bulbs for a long time and the world will be cold and dark, and then we will sell all the light bulbs we’ve managed to find, in one store at one time. We are not responsible if the store gets crowded, fights break out, or any light bulbs get shattered.

No, I didn’t get any tickets. It’s not that we didn’t get tickets that makes us (us being the people who raged on the forums) mad, but the shoddy handling of the situation by Blizzard. Well, at least I have the Wrath beta to keep me company, which I got into by use of my beta key from last Blizzcon.


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