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Bluetooth Party

by Jonathan on Jul.20, 2008, under Uncategorized

Intriguing title, isn’t it? You’d expect that to mean some kind of party revolving around the Bluetooth wireless technology, right? If so, you’re way off! The guy who does it (every two years) is a dentist… and he bought some land to make his own wine. They have a big barn, and it has a giant billboard of a molar above the door. Painted blue – is that at all surprising? It’s also a private party, so generally only relatives of the dentist are invited, and people who they know, and such. I’m lucky enough to be related to them because my aunt by marriage is related to the dentist’s nephew. I think I got that right. I’m sure one of them will comment here if I didn’t. (Right?)

I’ll skip over the boring parts (in my opinion), and get right to the barn dance. That sounds a bit like some wacky wild west dance, doesn’t it? Well, remember that blue-tooth barn? They’ve got it rigged up with speakers and a DJ’s station, and a dance floor. I had met some people earlier – shout-out to Anthony and Sandra if they read this! – and they danced a bit while I, ah, stood back a bit. I really never thought I was good at dancing, and Anthony’s “eccentric” style (in his own words) was a lot better than my tapping foot. But I kind of got into it eventually, and he told me that I was actually pretty good! Talk about surprising.

The music was great dance music, for the most part… and I hope you know I’m not talking about ballroom dancing or anything formal like that! O_o. No, it was mostly techno-ish stuff, which does make good dance music. There was a song that was so dull, with absolutely no beat, that – I’m totally serious – everyone in the barn just kind of stopped dancing and stood around during that song. It was a little funny!

I had a lot of fun there, and it was great to meet Anthony and Sandra. Anthony’s ears were really bothering him in the barn, loud music and all, so I didn’t see him too much later on. I hope he’s okay now, I know my eyes AND ears were bothering me after I left. =\. It was great dancing with Sandra though, and we all swaped numbers/e-mail.


As an aside, I know I haven’t gotten around to reposting my GameDev journal posts here. It’ll get done, I’ve just been swamped with work lately.


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by Jonathan on Jul.08, 2008, under Uncategorized

I re-found a game yesterday, called Motherload, where the goal is to dig as deep as you can and bring up as many minerals as possible. I haven’t found a concrete “end” yet (pun not intended!), but it’s actually pretty fun drilling through the Martian soil for minerals, digging out mining shafts and tunnels, and upgrading your mining pod (higher fuel capacity, larger storage bay, et cetera).

XGen Studios, the creator of Motherload, has plenty of other fun games as well. Take a look at some of their stuff!

While I’m on the subject of games (and associated gaming sites), have you ever heard of Jagex? No? They created RuneScape, that game [other] people talk about in hushed whispers or open derision. Jagex just so happens to have opened a gaming portal called FunOrb, and while it doesn’t have as many games as some others I’ve seen, there are some great games like Shattered Plans and Miner Disturbance, the latter of which reminded me of Motherload.


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by Jonathan on Jul.06, 2008, under Uncategorized

Up until now, has been redirecting to, which in turn redirected to a blog I had hosted under the Squarespace blogging system. Recently, though, I finally got around to setting up the WordPress blogging system under my own server, so now I’m not paying a monthly fee.

I’m also going to be re-posting my game-development journal entries, from my journal at That’s where I’ve been posting for the past few months, unfortunately neglecting my blog here. Look for posts here under the “GameDev Journal Entry” category!

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